Exterior Paint Pros

protect your investment

Is your home in need of paint? Are you tired of the color? Are your decks weathered and screaming for a new layer of stain or waterproofing? Are you looking to repaint your home to increase your home value? 

If so, Finish Masters is San Diego’s top service providers and paint contractors. We paint everything from wood to metal, decks to railings, and we do so using only the best materials which can withstand the brutal UV rays.  

Wind and weather can erode your paint, and if you live closer to the beach, the salt content in the air can punish the exterior of your home. By using quality materials, coupled with stringent prep and flawless execution, Finish Masters can give your home or exterior features the revamp it needs. By using top-tier paint and weatherproofing products, the cost may be a bit more. Still, it will decay and weather at a much slower rate, in the long run, thus saving you labor and the unnecessary inconvenience of painting it all again.