Furniture Restoration & Painting

We can strip, stain, paint, or refinish any furniture, including heirloom pieces and custom builds. From low sheen lacquer to rustic finishes, we can give your cherished furniture a new lease on life.

"Furniture must have a personality
as well as be beautiful."

- Rose Tarlow


Wine Cellar/ Racks Staining


A stained, dull, or a discolored wine rack can take away from its visual appeal, which is why paint, stain, or lacquer will come in handy. Staining your wine rack or smoke room can increase its resiliency against rot, mildew, and even insects, so if you require any of the aforementioned services, drop us a line.

We service both commercial and residential wine cellars and smoke rooms. 


Most of the wine racks we stain/ paint or finish are done prior to being stocked. Should you need maintenance (or a refinish done on an existing wine rack) we can also help plan every stage including the inventory, removal, and storage of your collection in a secure and climate-controlled facility. 


Exterior Paint

Exterior Paint Pros

protect your investment

Is your home in need of paint? Are you tired of the color? Are your decks weathered and screaming for a new layer of stain or waterproofing? Are you looking to repaint your home to increase your home value? 

If so, Finish Masters is San Diego’s top service providers and paint contractors. We paint everything from wood to metal, decks to railings, and we do so using only the best materials which can withstand the brutal UV rays.  

Wind and weather can erode your paint, and if you live closer to the beach, the salt content in the air can punish the exterior of your home. By using quality materials, coupled with stringent prep and flawless execution, Finish Masters can give your home or exterior features the revamp it needs. By using top-tier paint and weatherproofing products, the cost may be a bit more. Still, it will decay and weather at a much slower rate, in the long run, thus saving you labor and the unnecessary inconvenience of painting it all again. 


Bathroom Repainting


Our bathroom refinishing & Paint program
Sets the Benchmark for Excellence


We are San Diego's Leading Paint Contractors & Refinishers.

Your bathroom is more than a place for relief. It’s a magical room that offers solitude. It’s a place for refuge, and it’s more than just another room; it’s a safe place to unwind with a hot shower. With that being said, Finish Masters can help revamp your safe space and create an oasis of pure bliss. Finish Masters offers a full bathroom remodel program from hinge repair to cabinet replacement, but our most affordable (and most popular option) is the bathroom repaint program.

With hundreds of colors to choose from, we use only top-shelf, anti-microbial paint that will not blister, warp, chip, or peel. From start to finish, we can turn your bathroom from drab to dynamic, and in most cases, this simple, cost-effective upgrade can be done in as short as a day!



Door, Trim & Crown Molding Paint

doors don't have
to be boring

Painting a door can change the dynamics of your living space. So if you’re looking for a paint contractor that can refinish your doors, Finish Masters is more than happy to help.  We offer hundreds of different color tones and finishes to choose from. In addition, we can also help you with upgrading your door hardware because when it comes to doors, a little goes a long way. From biometric security door handles to bespoke brass and gold units, Finish Masters has you covered.  

Repainting a door is also one of the most cost-effective upgrades that can dramatically change the ambiance of your home, and we are here to help. Our team of consultants can go through all your options, and it’s all done based upon your budget. 

Bring color to the moldings & Trim of your home

molding & Trim paint

Bring life to sterile walls by accenting it with a pop of color! At Finish Masters, we can strip, stain, or paint your existing moldings and trim and even help you choose the colors that will best complement your decor. Now, if you’re looking for a bolder approach or don’t have existing moldings, we can also remove and replace your moldings with units featuring a more enhanced profile. 


Painting the walls of a room can add mood and personality, but the addition of wainscoting can take it from cool to luxury chic. Suppose this is an upgrade you’ve been contemplating. In that case, you’re in luck because Finish Masters can provide precision cut wainscoting since our parent company, Create CW,  happens to be San Diego’s leading purveyor of custom woodwork.

Wainscoting is a simple and cost-effective upgrade to any room and you can contact one of our design associates for an obligation free estimate and design consultation. 


Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchen Paint Experts

Why replace? When you can repaint or reface.

A kitchen makeover doesn’t have to be costly. Of course, it depends on who you ask. Many will push for you to remove and replace your cabinets, but at Finish Masters, we can breathe new life into existing cabinets for a fraction of the price. 

The remodeling of a kitchen starts with a repaint, while the addition of new hardware can change your kitchen’s entire personality.

Of course, if you are looking to renovate your kitchen completely, we can help there, too, as our parent company (Create CW) is one of San Diego’s leading cabinet makers and wood artisans.

Our kitchen repainting/ refinishing program is the most extensive program available in the San Diego area. We are the leading service providers for cabinet repair, construction, renewal, and repaint from new cabinet doors to fresh repaint.

In addition, Finish Masters believe in providing ‘craftsman’ quality paint jobs at affordable prices. If you are interested in our services or need help with your project, please contact us for an obligation free estimate. We service all of San Diego, including Ashley Falls, Carmel Canyon, La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe, and Torrey Pines.